Air Dispersion in Sports Facilities

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Air Dispersion in Sports Facilities

An Unrivalled HVAC Solution 

A FabricAir dispersion system is tailored to the specific venue and the unique specifications of its varying sub-zones. It is the most flexible HVAC technology on the market; thus, ideal regardless of the type of sport and number of users.
FabricAir dispersion technology is used for air distribution and air dispersion in virtually all sports applications to optimize conditions for athletes and spectators. It prevents condensation while creating a comfortable environment, and it ensures optimal performance regardless of seasonal variations. 

Why Fabric Ducting is Ideal in Sports Facilities

Fabric is the most suitable material for air dispersion in sports facilities. 
It doesn’t corrode, it isn’t damaged by impact from e.g. rogue balls, and it provides superior comfort to the users of the facility through even draft-free air dispersion and custom flow patterns. 
The flexibility of fabric ducting makes it easy to integrate the air dispersion solution into the overall design scheme; either letting it blend in seamlessly or standout as a design element with colors, logos and / or graphics. 
It is also the most cost-efficient solution on the market. Compared to conventional solutions, such as metal ducts, you can save up to 70% on total installed costs. It is easy to install and maintain, and due to the efficiency of the flow patterns and the lower pressure drop you can save up to 40% on your running costs too.
  • Air Dispersion in Sports Facilities
    Air Dispersion in Sports Facilities
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